Vapour Blasting in Brisbane

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We specialise in the cleaning and surface restoration of mechanical components from all types of machines, cars and motorcycles.

Vapour Blasting is THE best alternative to soda blasting, glass bead blasting and traditional sandblasting when an attractive “better than new” finish is required.  We also offer a traditional sandblasting service for smaller parts if required.

We also offer a mail-order service for those who do not live near Brisbane but would like to have parts cleaned for their restoration project.  More information HERE.

Please read About the Process and look at the Photo Gallery to learn more about our unique process.
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Oil Wipes Easily from VapourBLASTed Parts

This brake caliper has been VapourBlasted, except for the area to the left, which has been glass bead blasted.

The video shows how oil stains are easily wiped away from the Vapour Blasted area, but leave a wet oil stain on the glass bead blasted area.

This demonstrates why automotive and motorcycle restorers prefer Vapour Blasting to glass bead and soda blasting.

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