Sandblasting South West Brisbane Rocklea

Sandblasting – Media Blasting

Although our main service is VapourBlasting, we are also able to offer a traditional sandblasting service for those steel parts of your restoration that will be refinished by painting.

Most industrial sand blasters use garnet media at up to 100psi.  This gets the job done very quickly and is very effective for heavy castings or fabricated steel items, but can damage lighter and thinner stamped and pressed steel automotive parts.
We use spherical glass beads at no more than 60psi, so there is no risk of warping or heavy etching and pitting of your parts.

This method is ideal for:

  • Motorcycle fuel tanks
  • BMX bicycle frames
  • Car suspension parts including control arms and anti-roll bars
  • Engine parts such as extractors,  brackets and mounts for alternators etc.
  • Cast iron parts such as exhaust manifolds
  • Steel wheels are also a popular item

We are able to accommodate parts up to about  1400 x1100 x 1100mm, depending on the shape of your part.

We are happy to sand blast even the smallest parts………

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